FGP Conference on Optimization

French - German - Polish Conference on Optimization

September 9 - 13, 2002
Cottbus, Germany

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Conference Scope and Themes

The French-German-Polish Conference on Optimization in 2002 will be organized by members of the Institute of Mathematics of the Technical University Cottbus (BTU Cottbus). It will be held in Cottbus, Germany, in September 2002. This Conference is the 11th of the series of French-German meetings which started in Oberwolfach in 1980 and was continued in Confolant (1981), Luminy (1984), Irsee (1986), Varetz (1988), Lambrecht (1991), Dijon (1994), Trier (1996), Namur (1998), and in Montpellier (2000). Since 1998, the conference has been organized under the participation of a third European country. In 1999, a First German-Polish Conference on Optimization - Methods and Applications has started in Zagan (Poland). The conference in Cottbus thus is also understood as the continuation of the joint German-Polish meetings of specialists in optimization and related fields.

The conference will in particular promote the contacts between researchers of the three involved countries and provide a forum for sharing recent results in theory and application of optimization.

The main topics of the prospective meeting will include the following: general areas of recent research progress:

  • theory of smooth and nonsmooth continuous optimization problems
  • numerical methods for mathemtical programming
  • theory and numerics in optimal control
  • applications of optimal control and mathematical programming

Special fields of current interest are stochastic optimization , shape optimization , global optimization and multicriterial optimization. Papers on issues related to optimization are welcome.

Papers on issues related to optimization are welcome.

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