GrAL - Grid Algorithms Library

(created with COG )

GrAL is a generic library for grid (or mesh) data structures and algorithms operating on them. It has been inspired by the success of the STL , and is similar in spirit to BGL and (though to a lesser extent) to CGAL . As you might guess, GrAL is written in C++.

GrAL was initially developed with applications for numerical PDE (partial differential equations) solution in mind. However, the underlying mathematical structure of abstract cellular complexes is very general and almost ubiquitous. So, possible application areas for GrAL include computational geometry and topology, geometric modeling, computer graphics, or geographic information systems.


February 26, 2002: GrAL 0.2 is out
June 19, 2001: New paper A Generic Toolbox for the Grid Craftsman
March 7, 2001: GrAL 0.1 is out.


Download and Terms of Use

GrAL is open source . GrAL is available free of charge, its use is subject to this license .

On the download page , you are asked to fill in a form, giving your e-mail address. The reason for this is that I would like to know who is using the software. I will not use these addresses for anything else then possibly sending you GrAL-related information. In particular, these addresses will not be given to third parties.

The future of GrAL

In summer 2001, I moved to NEC C&C Research Laboratories in St. Augustin. My new employer generously agreed that I may continue work on open-source GrAL. Thus, development on GrAL will go on.

In future releases, I intend to make some modules available separately - as the intended scope is rather broad, not everything will be of interest for everyone.


If you like GrAL, or have found things you think could be made better, have questions, suggestions, want to collaborate, don't hesitate to contact me at
I am looking forward to here from you!


More papers
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