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On this page, you will find some contributions to simulation codes in the context of hyperbolic conservation laws.

Contributions to clawpack

Here, I provide the modified clawpack files which I used in the computations for my paper A comparative study of TVD limiters - well known limiters and an introduction of new ones.

The numbering of the limiters available with standard clawpack is unchanged.
The numbers to be given in claw? for the choice of the limiter can be read from the file readme-limiters.txt.

The files needed for 1d and 2d-computations are found are provided as .zip-file or as .tgz-file.

The files are now updated to include the modifications which I presented in my talk at NMHETA, Santiago de Compostela, July 2011.
To use them, add nonlinlim.f to the Makefile in your library folder and replace inlinelimiter.f by nonlinlim.f in the Makefile for your application.

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